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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Freelancer's Guide, part 1

Freelancing is an interesting exercise in controlled chaos. If you ask me it's a miracle that anything ever gets done on a freelance basis, but that's a subject for another day. The subject today is the First Rule of Freelancing, and that is: whichever idea you like the least is the one the one the client will pick. Consider this set of sketches that I did for In Character Games for the game After the Dead which you can play on facebook here.

These sketches are listed in the order I did them. Now when I'm doing sketches unless I know exactly what I want, my first idea is usually not my best, but I throw it in anyways. Personally, I think sketches 2-5 each bring a unique idea and mood to the narrative of the game which was related to me. I felt the first was a bit flat somehow, which of course guarantees that it's the one the client picked, which is what happened.
   Fortunately, the axillary to rule 1 is that you can always make it better, and fortunately the client knew what he wanted for the most part. So with a little back and forth, we managed to find a way to achieve all of our goals which resulted in the follow piece:

and thus all was well in the land of the zombies.


Armando said...

Gawd damn gawd dammit JIM!! That is fukken amazing.

artarjey said...

not a big fan for card games...but a huge fan of your work!!! the drawings/paintings are amazing... wish i can draw like that~~

ConqueredMind said...

Really, just step back for a moment. Look at what you have wrought. Its amazing isn't it? Absolutely amazing. I can just feel a story behind that masterpiece. Like an epic novel akin to "I am Legend", only more awesome. I now have a new wallpaper :)

Bryan Wynia said...

Sick work man, really cool stuff.

Phattro said...

whoa I love that we get to see all the ideas before its finalized. awesome!

Anonymous said...

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