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Monday, August 24, 2009

The 13th month

So August 25th is a significant date as it marks the release date of Maddox's latest book and calendar. If you know who Maddox is this is doubtlessly great news and if you don't, take a look here.

In the meantime, to commemorate the event, here's one of the images that will appear in the calender.

Oftentimes, when attempting to create an image with content this awesome, failure and personal injury can result. Fortunately under the tutelage of Maddox, we were able to safely contain the awesomeness without any bodily harm to me.

When he first approached me about this particular image, Maddox had only a vague concept in mind. Although he knew he wanted an image of something getting kicked in the groin region, he was not sure what, nor by what. So after an exhaustive research phase, we discovered that the most empirically awesome participants would be a shirtless guitar playing guy in the role of the kicker, and a rhinoceros as the kickee.

After completing the vignette, we could tell something was missing but we weren't sure what. Here is where the importance of having a good working relation with your client really comes into play. Maddox did some research and found the awesomeness could be increased by a factor of 6 with the addition of a nuclear mushroom cloud in the background. The rest was history.

So on the 25th go out and buy the extended version of Alphabet of Manliness and the accompanying Calender of Manliness soon thereafter ( in which this image appears in it's high resolution semi-gloss glory ).

More images to come!


David Ryan Paul said...

It's hard for me to express how happy that image makes me feel.

Armando said...

Holly Fu*king Sh*t!




Raws said...

I will extremely buy anything this image advertises.

LG said...

hi i'm high

Phattro said...

Gahhahahahaha...the story just makes the image.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This picture is flying all over the Internet uncredited. I'll tell people it's you. :)

A. N. Cargo said...

So. Much. Love. for the Epic Nucular Rhino Rack.

jim said...

Much appreciated, substitute and AN Cargo..

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