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Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Paintover!

One of my Academy students, Emre Ekmekci recently turned in a prop assignment for critique, and it thought it would be good opportunity to talk about some lighting concepts.

here's his original:

As you can see Emre has a solid start but we could probably tighten up the lighting a bit help with his render and also the overall feel of the piece and push it even further with some simple tricks.

To start with I'm putting down a couple markers to remind me where the lights are coming from. The Warm key light is coming from the left, but it feels a bit patchy at the moment. The Key is generally the most important light in the scene, so it's a good idea to make sure that it's consistent and unified on your subject.

On an new layer I've brightened up the light side, paying special attention to any edges or plane changes which might catch a bit of extra light. It's important to note that although I've chosen to brighten the highlight on the barrel of the gun for this demo, the important part of this step was to unify the lighted surfaces so they feel consistent. I could have stayed with his softer bright spot but it would have been a subtler look and not as obvious for the purpose of the demo.

Likewise, I did a pass with the secondary light, making sure to hit all the surfaces that are facing downwards. I also gave the light a bit of overspill on the upper surfaces- this is not really accurate to the position of the light, but I just wanted to give a bit of separation from the background.

As a final step, I went through and adjusted some drawing issues, such as the ellipse on the scope and scope hood{A}(it's still off, but hopefully you get the idea), as well as fixing the perspective on the butt of the gun{C} grip.
Finally, I knocked the lighting down a bit on all the front surfaces of the gun {B} since this would be receiving the least amount of lighting overall

I purposely didn't address design issues this time around because as a baseline, your concepts should communicate the forms clearly-you don't want your render to be a distraction! Perhaps in future paintovers we can talk design more!I hope this has been useful!


Friday, August 16, 2013

The Freelancer's Guide Part 6: The Return

So, after making the Choice , you may find your self someday facing the Return. After the better part of a year working at LucasFilm on the Emmy winning show Clone Wars, I find myself back in the freelancer's seat, thanks to a helping hand from Uncle Walt and the Disney Corp.

 I'm not gonna lie, it's a bit daunting going from paid vacations and Jelly Roll Wednesdays to chasing down payments and doing all nighters. Sometimes, you don't find freelancing, it finds you.

 And on that note, I'm happy to show one of my first works to be released since being back in the driver's seat, the cover art to Blood and Bacon, available now on xbox live!


Here's the evolution of the idea as it first started from the sketch phase:

No one ever picks the flying jump kick/shotgun blast :-(

If this all seems familiar, it's because we went through all this when I did the cover for Murder Miners 
(which is now the #1 rated on the indie section of XBLA and one of the top sellers. Whether their awesome cover has anything to do with that, I"ll let you decide.*)

*yes it did.

Hit the jump for a fabulous step by step gif!

Monday, March 11, 2013

At Last: Part 2!

 Is there any time more glorious than the day a project launches and you get to show the work you did? Well, I certainly hope so. But here's some work I did on Dead Space 3 anyways.

More after the jump!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

At last

Finally, some time for a quick study...quick, name that scene!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Freelancer's Guide: The Choice

Given enough time, every freelancer will eventually get a call from a very pleasant sounding person offering them a fulltime position. This person will tell them all about the fabulous benefits of working for their company, such as getting paid regularly and complimentary electricity. At this point, every freelancer must make a choice of whether or not to keep their lance free or not. If this should happen to you, I recommend you make a list. Here's an example:

Benefits of Freelancing:
Make your own hours
Pleasant commute
No annoying office mates
No stupid meetings
Pants optional

Benefits of Accepting Fulltime work:
Free office supplies
Attractive Key Fobs and Decorative Name Placards
Dirty coffee mugs mysteriously vanish from the sink and appear in the cupboards the next day. ( I'm told this is normal)

I recently faced this very choice recently. After some amount of consideration, I chose to accept this opportunity, at the very least for a few months. Unfortunately that means I'll not be posting project work as much for awhile, but hopefully I'll still find the time to put up sketches and whatever backlogged art that hasn't gone up yet. I'm not going to lie, I'll miss alot of things about sitting at this desk, but on the other hand, it's a nice opportunity in a new field, so it's forward progress, so that's something.

 I wish you luck when you get the chance to make your own Choice.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Yes that's right, everyone's favorite...but first some news!

Been very busy for the last few months wrapping up some work on Dead Space 3, and I'm just finishing an interactive graphic novel as well, so stay tuned for some fancy stuff in the near future!

 In the meantime, Ballistic Publishing has just released EXPOSÉ 10 which you can check out here! This time around, the good ol' Junkasaurus made it in, as well as this roboty guy, who got the Excellence Award in the Robotic/Cyborg category. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Finally, I did a few concepts  for an upcoming tabletop game which will be up for funding soon over on Kickstarter:

go check out project THON and look for it on Kickstarter next month! They've even gotten some first sculpts of stuff going, which is pretty cool:

More news as it comes..til then, good night and good luck