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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Freelancer's Guide: The Choice

Given enough time, every freelancer will eventually get a call from a very pleasant sounding person offering them a fulltime position. This person will tell them all about the fabulous benefits of working for their company, such as getting paid regularly and complimentary electricity. At this point, every freelancer must make a choice of whether or not to keep their lance free or not. If this should happen to you, I recommend you make a list. Here's an example:

Benefits of Freelancing:
Make your own hours
Pleasant commute
No annoying office mates
No stupid meetings
Pants optional

Benefits of Accepting Fulltime work:
Free office supplies
Attractive Key Fobs and Decorative Name Placards
Dirty coffee mugs mysteriously vanish from the sink and appear in the cupboards the next day. ( I'm told this is normal)

I recently faced this very choice recently. After some amount of consideration, I chose to accept this opportunity, at the very least for a few months. Unfortunately that means I'll not be posting project work as much for awhile, but hopefully I'll still find the time to put up sketches and whatever backlogged art that hasn't gone up yet. I'm not going to lie, I'll miss alot of things about sitting at this desk, but on the other hand, it's a nice opportunity in a new field, so it's forward progress, so that's something.

 I wish you luck when you get the chance to make your own Choice.


ziopredy said...

optional pants are the key for working at home...

krapula said...

So basically the choice is between no pants and dirty is hard. It puts you in front of heartrending decisions. U_U
Kisses from Italy!

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