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Friday, January 29, 2010

Into the Vault

So as more of the work I'm taking on is under stricter NDAs, I'm heading to the vault today to find some stuff that hasn't been shown before.
So this piece started life as a project pitch image, done fairly hastily for the purpose. Then a few months ago during a lull in my work I pulled this out and worked up some of the elements I was never happy with and pulled together the background a bit better. So, give it a few more years and maybe I'll fix some more stuff and I'll finally have something.

 On an unrelated note, as professional work takes up more of my time, it gets harder to find time for personal work, so I have to make a conscious effort to make room in the schedule for it. So here's my list of priority works that I'd like to get to this year:

- more zombie related work
- a 40's pulp cover piece with dames and whatnot
- a follow up to the whale sub piece that follows the continuing zany adventures of the whale sub
- something giant robot related

That's all I got for now, but I'm open to suggestions if anyone's got any bright ideas.


Armando said...

Nice ~ I think in that zombie mob the Fat Lady in yellow should be taken care of first. One or two swings to the head should do the trick.

Swede said...

Love it! Needs more nudity though. (Zombies that is). And some blood on that bat and car ...

Alessandro said...

Hahah!Amazing art, Jim. Next time, in the snow and a lot of nazi-zombie!

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