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Friday, December 18, 2009

Year 1

Exactly one year ago, my employment at a small game studio in the bay area ended after 8 years.

My time there was invaluable in my early development as an artist, but you can only trade progress for security for so long before it takes it's toll on you. After awhile, the niche you carve out for yourself becomes your cage, and you become frozen in place in exchange for a weekly check, fresh organic fruits in the lunchroom, and a generous discount at participating bay area YMCAs.

In January of this year, I began a strange journey in the land of the freelance illustrator. After years of meetings, spreadsheets, and progress reports being my primary concern, illustration seemed like a foreign place. Now it's December and well over 100  works later, here I am. And, minus much work which was either redundant, in progress, or under NDAs, here is what  I did:

I tried to keep things in chronological order but about halfway through it became a free for all. Much thanks goes out to the clients who were able to help me grow in this new year, and thanks to anyone who might have taken the time to drop by my blog along the way.
I’m looking forward to year 2.



Phattro said...

Great 1 yr retrospect...may 2010 brings more awesome.

Armando said...

Wow ~ There is some serious awesomeness there that did not make it to the blog. Damn!! Good year indeed. I agree with Pat, may the next year brings nothing but the best to Jim's Drawing Board!!

artarjey said...

It's been great to see your work as well, I was inspired by them, and always excited to see your new works!!

David Ryan Paul said...

If I were wearing ten hats, they would all be taken off to you. I'm not only proud of your progress and success, but inspired by your work. Good job Jim.

Mario said...

Tonsa work!!! Great job Jim. Loved those post apocalyptic hobos.

ziopredy said...

Wow! A lot of stuff... amazing stuff!!!

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