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Friday, June 5, 2009


This piece is for an upcoming scene I'm working on where a guard is looking for someone who's just escaped. Interestingly, I originally had a totally different emotion in mind when I started this. Initially I was going with a ' I'm gonna keel you!' feel for the guy, with a sneering, teeth bared look. But as I was working on the face, the personality of the character established itself and ' I keel you' was replaced by ' alright, where did that bastard go?'

and hopefully in the end that's the right call for the piece.

On another note, if I had to pick just one group of guys to teach you everything you needed to know as an artist, I would say to look at the Orientalists. No foolin. With Sargeant, Bouguereau, Waterhouse, and Gerome amongst their ranks, you could sure do worse for mentors.


Phattro said...

Great stuff! and you're gonna crack up when u see my next post...there's something "in tune" there. but mine totally gonna sux ass-hair compared to yours. but all kidding aside I love the painterly strokes, lighting and all the folds of the costume.

i am curious if u happened to save the process along the way...i think it would be highly educational for us fools to see the route you went thru for this particular awesomeness. or even better get to see the "outtake" of the "I ama gonna Keel you" face. I always like to see what came before.

awesome sauce. thanks for sharing! :)

Armando said...

Jim, you have outdone yourself. Aladdin better not come out of hiding. I like the feeling of the whole piece.

ziopredy said...

pretty amazing! I like the tension on the face. This image isn't just a concept but tell a story. Really good work!

David Ryan Paul said...

For Christ's sake man, that's some good paintin'.

I would also like to hear about some technique. Painter, PS, or both? Brushes? Ballpark on time spent, etc.

Very, very nice.

jim said...

thanks guys.

unfortunatley I dont have alot of in-progress stuff on the face although if I have anything worth posting I'll put it up. Many times my process consists of making the ugliest painting ever made, refrain from destroying my computer, and then fixing things from there.

As for the time's a bit disjointed because I was working on about 3 things at the same time, and on top of that this is only one character in a larger piece, which required alot of time. In the end, I would say it took about 3 days including reference scouring. I ususally work exclusively in PS just because the interface makes more sense to me, although I like alot of things about painter as well. I find using the right brushes is very important and I use a comination of publicly available brushes and my own custom's definitely worth the time to make your own.

More updates to come and I'll definitely save the progress work this time

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